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“The atmosphere at kinetic is amazing. It is very positive and supportive, like having your own fitness family. The positivity is felt as soon as you come through the front door. Smiles and greetings from front desk staff!!! Great friendly instructors - amazing gym!” - E. Wong

“I am so excited for you and the team at kinetic you know the first day I started at the gym there was this feeling like I belong there, yes I am probably one of the larger people there I thought we will see, but from the first spinning class to where I heard you guys can do this keep going, even though I knew she was speaking to the whole class it felt like she knew I was giving up and just those bits of encouragement made me finish the class. I soon develop into other class and everyone was like you can do this. The atmosphere is truly inspiring and motivating. I love how involved your team is in the community.” - E. Moman

“I first started out at Kinetic by purchasing punch passes and just attending classes here and there to get a feel for things, then I decided to give myself a push and purchase a three-month membership and attend classes on a regular basis. As I started to attend more classes, the teachers and people at Kinetic started to feel like family. What I love about Kinetic is the fact that I can walk into the facility and the people know me by name. I may not have been at Kinetic for very long, but it definitely has helped give me that push I've been looking for in my fitness journey. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for all the wonderful trainers at Kinetic. I have learned so much from Kinetic, from purchasing a Body Composition Analysis to attending many spin classes, or participating in monthly group challenges, Kinetic continues to help me grow to be the healthiest version of myself. The trainers are always helpful, motivational, easy to talk to, and very informative on any question I may have. Being away from this facility definitely makes me miss the workouts, but even more, all the wonderful people that I have met in the fitness classes at Kinetic. As Chantelle would say, "if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" and Kinetic does just that, which is why I love being apart of Kinetic.” - T. Paulence

“I was running late one day and forgot my running shoes. I was frustrated and disappointed that I was going to miss class due to my carelessness. When I got to Kinetic and noticed I had forgotten my shoes, Tenille quickly offered hers to me so I didn’t have to skip out on class. Tenille went above and beyond what I expected. The staff is always so friendly, accommodating and helpful! I love coming to Kinetic and being a part of their family!” - D. Kwan

“Kinetic staff have always made me feel welcome and excited to be part of their fitness family!! I remember my very first class at kinetic, I had no idea what a spin class was but the front desk staff was happy to answer every question I had and Sandra (my very first ever spin instructor) shared amazing energy before and throughout the class that welcomed me to kinetic with open arms and made me feel so excited and happy that they could play a role in my fitness journey!!” - M. Esser

“I started at Kinetic in the spring to help my daughter. She has a lot of health problems and needs support. I started off with the idea that everyone there is very young and that no one is going to care if I am there or not. I was so wrong! I have totally changed my feelings about exercise and about my experience with Kinetic. I am always warmly greeted. I feel like I am the most important person that they have even though I know they have so many other clients that they attend to. My first feelings of change occurred when I went for the free spin class with Sandra. She didn't treat it as a free spin class. I wish I had words to describe how she made me feel. Valued. She took the time to help me find the right settings for my bike. What a difference! I had already been to a couple of spin classes and I thought things were going good but now they are much better. My daughter then wanted to branch out from spin and try a strength and stretch class. Well, I was really nervous about going. I am so much younger than most of the people there and I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything. Chantelle Erickson was the instructor. She is amazing!!! Even thinking about her now warms my heart. Her smile lights up any room! She is always wanting to challenge everyone, but she also realizes that not everyone is at the same level. I think she could see the terror in my eyes but she but that all to rest so quickly. She showed how to modify everything that she did. By the end of the class, I felt so tired but so good! I was so happy that I had made it through the class and felt rejuvenated and excited to book another class! My daughter and I have since branched out to try other classes and have had the same wonderful experience with every single new instructor that we have had. They all encourage you to do your best and to do a little better than you did last time. You always feel welcomed and wanted in each of the classes. I have even gone to classes by myself now. It is an amazing experience. The monthly challenges have changed my thinking on nutrition and water. The last month we even had a challenge on gratitude. I am not a poster on Facebook or Instagram, but Sandra also modifies the challenges for those of us who don't do that, so we can still participate! She has so many good ideas!! I always look forward to seeing what the next month's challenge is going to be. I tell all my friends about my experiences all the time. I won't be surprised to see some of them trying it out soon!! It is a great place to start your fitness journey and ends up being a fantastic way to transform your whole life!” - M. Brown

“I love how flexible Kinetic is! As a registered nurse with a hectic schedule kinetic is extremely accommodating and welcoming. It never gets boring with a variety of amazing classes. Love it!” - J. Hanson

“I am grateful for so many things about Kinetic's commitment to running a quality business! I love its very friendly, approachable and flexible teachers and front end staff and the entire business model rewards me for being a long commitment member and makes everything swift and efficient online. It is nearly impossible to do, but somehow Sandra and her team of super-qualified vary the format of every class so that you just can't get bored! I love that everything about Kinetic exudes a high standard (especially cleanliness and the quality of fitness equipment) and stresses simply that I should strive to be better than I was yesterday. I don't have to compete against my peers to be the most fit but have regular creative opportunities to make a contribution to both the Kinetic community and Lethbridge so they are better places. Kinetic is visible in our community, as well, through its corporate sponsorship of numerous races and lifestyle events in our city. When I can show my daughter that the place I exercise helps to make her kids' race possible, she develops a pride for what she is doing and grows in her understanding of the need to give back. We can't drive by without her saying, "There's your gym, Mom!" That feels good. I am proud to be a member at Kinetic. It is diverse in its classes, has fabulously awesome class times (yeah for 5:30 am!) and overall has a community feel that is second to none. Sandra and her team at Kinetic are very deserving of this Chamber of Commerce award!” - K. Jones-Husch

“The instructors are awesome and really get you move and shaking in the classes and are always great with giving low impact options for those who need them….the staff there are amazing . . . you walk in the door and they greet you with smiles and they know your name. They are always willing to help and answer any question you have.” - S. Feenstra

“Kinetic is always super accommodating! Sandra's team is always willing to help! Joining Kinetic was easy and enjoyable - unlike many new gym experiences which can be intimidating! Highly recommend Kinetic!!” - A. Klassen

“What I love about Kinetic is multifold but I’ll list a few: the energy and commitment of the instructors, their commitment to fitness and the recognition of its importance to mental as well as physical health; the terrific front desk staff who seem always to remember the names of clientele—how do they do that!; the range of courses offered and great instructors who themselves are sportswomen and men in our community; the ease of the website booking and registration—as a working professional this really matters to me; compliments also to the cleanliness of the facility. The staff and owner Sandra Asuchak seems to have thought of everything to make Kinetics the best it can be, thanks so much Kinetic!”
- C. Williams

“I have attended Kinetic Fitness Lethbridge since the beginning because I love to support local business and had always loved the professionalism, energy and client-focused focus that Sandra brings to her work. The Kinetic staff, under Sandra's direction, are truly incredible! I am always greeted with a smile, a warm welcome and my name! The place is immaculate and staff is always ready to give some tips and encourage me during the workouts. The selection of classes and the staff is great so I have lots of opportunities to work on my physical fitness. Sandra and her team have incorporated a lot of different events to challenge clients and have also supported many local community events contributing to the well-being of Lethbridge and area residents. They are my favourite because of their professionalism and enthusiasm!” - T. Faulkner

“I have been a member at Kinetic since it opened and continue to be amazed the exceptional customer service provided. With the intense competition in the fitness/gym market in Lethbridge, Sandra and her Kinetic team have made individualized customer service a priority. Kinetic goes above and beyond to provide members with much more than a place to work out. Providing ongoing fitness, nutrition, and wellness challenges along with educational resources for making healthier lifestyle choices demonstrates the Kinetic team cares about their membership and their families. The Kinetic team’s focus is always on individual improvement and doing your best no matter what your fitness level is – this is amazing and so positive, especially for those just beginning their fitness journey. Thanks Kinetic!” - K. Dyck

“Kinetic is an incredible place to workout. Not only does is offer a wide variety of workouts beyond spin it has fantastic well maintained, clean equipment and not to mention the best staff and instructors who genuinely care about you and your fitness goals. I'm proud to be a part of the Kinetic family!” - K. Munns

“I have been going to Kinetic Indoor Cycle & Fitness since October 2014.
I love so many things about Kinetic...the girls who work there are so friendly, they say Hi as soon as you walk in and bye when you leave, even if they are in the middle of doing something or talking to someone, they always say hi and bye. The instructors are awesome..super friendly, and always smiling. I've had nothing but great customer service, and I tell all my friends about Kinetic. I got pregnant not long after I started going there, and the instructors were always making sure that they modified my classes, asking me how I was doing...they make me feel really comfortable...they all call me by my name, and smile at me every time I see them.I LOVE coming here, and I highly recommend it to everyone.” - M. Poirier

“I have been a regular student of Kinetic Indoor Cycle and Fitness since its opening 2 years ago. At the age of 57, I have been "around the block" with fitness and gyms in Lethbridge!!! I absolutely love this gym! I have also been in business for 36 years so I have a "pretty good feel" for a well run organization! Sandra has picked instructors and employees that are the best of the best! Everyone there is friendly and maintain a sense of professionalism....and our Sandra is a perfectionist!!! All of the staff have a love of fitness that they are willing to share and help others achieve. There is not one employee who will not go out of their way to assist anyone! And I would like to say that because of this there is not one student that will not help another!! I love this place because of the instructors and employees that definitely take their cue from Sandra! It is a well-run business first and foremost.....but, more importantly, it has the depth to make EVERYONE feel like family! #iknowthevalueofteam #kineticteamrocks” - K. Gelleny

“Kinetic Indoor Cycle & Fitness defines customer service. From the huge variety of classes, excellent facilities and equipment to the superior response to clients - during and after business hours - members come first. But what truly sets Kinetic apart is the people. From the moment I joined, I felt like I was among friends. I am constantly supported, encouraged and motivated to be my best self. Every instructor is passionate about what they do and consistently finds new ways to challenge and inspire. Gyms are a dime a dozen, but Kinetic is one of a kind. Sandra Asuchak and her team are bar none the best in the city and their dedication to helping each and every member of the Kinetic family achieve their individual goals is unsurpassed.” - K. Harding

“The staff is always friendly and helpful. The overall atmosphere makes it fun to workout and working out is something that I didn't enjoy in the past until I started going to Kinetic. This is the longest I've ever been a member at any fitness facility.” - B. Kenward

“I run 3 times a week so I didn't feel the need to get a gym membership anywhere until I heard about Kinetic's different approach. With the option of buying class passes I could supplement my running. I tried one spin class and loved it, and from there I was able to branch out and try other types of workout classes. I like how I have to sign up for classes & check in when I get there. It keeps me accountable and committed to working out. The helpful & friendly staff and the way Kinetic is operated helps me be more successful in reaching my fitness goals. The whole facility is always clean too! I have been attending Kinetic for almost a year and a half and I am the fittest I have ever been! Kinetic has really made a positive difference in my life!” - J. Sanders

“I love Kinetic for many different reasons! I love that it is so well organized. I love that you can book all your classes online. I love that you can cancel a class online. I love that you get a reminder email or text before class so you don’t forget. I love that they have your shoes and a towel all ready for you when you come to a spin class. I love that they are doing 30-minute spin classes now because that’s all I have time for. I love that you check in via an iPad on the wall. I also love that the facility, including bathrooms, are always spotlessly clean. I like the disposal wipes instead of using wet and disgusting towels like most gyms use. It’s just an all-around fantastic place to workout!” - J. Grace

I joined Kinetic 1 year ago, and I'm hooked! Love the variety of classes and I look forward going to them every time I book one. I see so much energy in everyone that works there, inspirational! Thank you. - L. Driscoll

What kinetic means to me....
A year ago in preparation for turning 50, I started attending kinetic for the first time and only because my adult children gave me a punch pass for Mother's Day; yes it took me 5 months to get up the courage to go as I was intimidated by going to a gym never mind one that I assumed was for young fit women and assumed to be cyclists! Well, what a pleasant surprise Kinetic was and continues to be and is the most welcoming, supportive, inviting, motivating, challenging, inclusive and overall fantastic gym! I love the variety of classes and fitness opportunities Kinetic offers and the instructors are top notch! I took a break over the summer and am so excited to have my fitness schedule booked (yes I also love the online booking system) for the next few months! Keep doing the great job you are doing and thank you for the positive influence you are having on our community! Proud to be a member of the Kinetic family! - C. Huculak

My colleagues and I were looking to join a gym as a group that offered a variety of classes at various times to meet our individual needs. We met with several of the new, franchise gyms in town that were advertising specials. We experienced high-pressure sales tactics, "locked in" contract terms, unclear and ever changing rate schedules, and prices that were astronomical. In comparison, Kinetic's very reasonable rates are posted on their website (same rate for everyone!), and Sandra the owner has been extremely accommodating in meeting the needs of our organization and individual circumstances. With one month's notice, members can cancel at any time. There is no gimmicks, hidden fees, and if something isn't working for members, Sandra will make it right. I value the integrity and transparency of the ownership. To top it off, the facility is sparkling clean, has showers, towels, and lockers free of charge, and the staff are friendly and fun. The tone at this facility is about helping members succeed, not just making a buck, which we have come to learn is not standard in this industry! Thanks, Sandra and team, we are happy to have joined! - C. Wigand

I have been coming to Kinetic for about a year and a half now. I can still remember some of my first experiences going, which is exactly why I still love going to kinetic on a weekly basis. Any other gym I have gone to, I remember feeling intimidated and not so welcomed, well this is never the case at kinetic! Every single staff member at Kinetic welcomes you with a warm smile that is so genuine and sincere. As a regular member there, I continue to see them welcome to new members, asking questions and making people feel comfortable. I have never felt such a sense of community in a gym before like I feel at Kinetic. It is great being surrounded by staff that motivates, pushes and inspire me. - S. Hoetmer




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Lethbridge, Alberta

403-320-SPIN (7746)




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First class is at 5:30am and last class at 8pm.

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You can find us at 1251 2 Ave South.
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